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TOEFL iBT Registration Fee

There is no fixed registration fee for TOEFL iBT. The fee varies depending upon a country you want to take a test in. An official TOEFL website provides information on fee for TOEFL iBT in particular country. So to find information about fee to register for TOEFL iBT in your country, visit:

Here is information on fee in some important nations:
India: US $165
Nepal: US $165
Pakistan: US $150
Japan: US $170
USA: US $150
UK: US $185
Malaysia: US $150
Indonesia: US $150
Singapore: US $170
Bangladesh: US $150
Sweden: US $185

If I didn’t mention your country above, please visit: for information on test fees and test locations.


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  1. ETS sure charges a lot for the TOEFL iBT nowadays.

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